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Destination: Hoi An

Hoi An: Exploring Vietnam's Enchanting Ancient Town

Hoi An is a charming and picturesque ancient town located on the central coast of Vietnam. Known for its well-preserved architecture, colorful lanterns, and vibrant cultural scene, Hoi An has become one of the country's most popular tourist destinations in recent years.

One of the main attractions of Hoi An is its old town, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town is home to a wide range of well-preserved buildings, including traditional wooden houses, ancient temples, and historic trading ports. Visitors can explore the narrow streets and alleyways, browse the many boutiques and handicraft shops, or simply soak up the town's unique atmosphere.

Another highlight of Hoi An is its famous lantern festival, which takes place on the 14th day of every lunar month. During the festival, the town is lit up with thousands of colorful lanterns, creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere. Visitors can take part in traditional games, watch performances of folk music and dance, or simply stroll around the town and soak up the festive spirit.

Hoi An is also known for its delicious cuisine, with a wide range of local dishes to try. Visitors can sample the famous Cao Lau noodles, which are made with pork, noodles, and herbs, or try the Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich filled with a variety of savory ingredients. The town is also home to numerous street food stalls and local restaurants, serving up a variety of delicious dishes.

For those looking for a more active experience, Hoi An offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Visitors can take a boat ride along the Thu Bon River, go cycling through the surrounding countryside, or even take a cooking class and learn how to make some of the local dishes.

In conclusion, Hoi An is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Vietnam. With its well-preserved architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and delicious cuisine, it offers a unique and memorable experience that is sure to enchant and delight visitors.

Top 10 things to do in Hoi An

  1. Visit the Old Town: The Old Town of Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its well-preserved architecture. You can stroll through the streets, admire the buildings, and learn about the history of the area.

  2. Take a cooking class: Hoi An is known for its delicious food, and taking a cooking class is a great way to learn about the local cuisine. You can visit a local market, learn how to cook traditional dishes, and enjoy a meal.

  3. Visit the Japanese Covered Bridge: This is a unique bridge that was built by the Japanese in the 16th century. You can admire the architecture and learn about the history of the area.

  4. Take a boat tour: Hoi An is located on the Thu Bon River, and taking a boat tour is a great way to explore the area. You can visit nearby islands, fisherman villages, and enjoy the views.

  5. Visit the Hoi An Central Market: This market is located in the heart of Hoi An and sells a variety of goods, such as clothing, souvenirs, and local food. You can shop for souvenirs and try local delicacies.

  6. Visit the My Son Sanctuary: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located outside of Hoi An. It is a group of Hindu temples that were built between the 4th and 14th centuries. You can explore the ruins and learn about the history of the area.

  7. Take a bike tour: Hoi An is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and biking is a great way to explore it. You can rent a bike and enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

  8. Visit the Quan Cong Temple: This is a beautiful temple dedicated to a Chinese general. You can admire the architecture and learn about the history of the area.

  9. Take a lantern-making class: Hoi An is famous for its lanterns, and taking a lantern-making class is a great way to learn about the local craft. You can make your own lantern and take it home as a souvenir.

  10. Visit the Thu Bon River: This river is a central feature of Hoi An and offers beautiful views. You can take a sunset boat ride or enjoy a riverside meal.


Hoi An Tour Packages

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